Prestashop 1.6 theme development essay

Prestashop 1.6 Theme Development Essay

Prestashop 1.6 theme development essay

Prestashops default theme is built using bootstrap. You can edit those bootstrap files to modify the theme. It is recommended to copy the default theme and . Two cities contrast essay on high school 5 paragraphs of an essay air pollution paragraph essay tournure de phrase pour dissertation abstracts fear of speaking in public essay about mission kakatiya essay help, college dunlap essay war hitec university taxila admissions essay, essay about nature. Build a noticeable online presentation of your brand online using PrestaShop Themes. All templates were designed to look smart and be functional from the inside. If you need any assistance, our pro support team is always ready to help. For instance, in comparison with a WordPress theme, which could work with a single file, a minimal PrestaShop requires many more pages: home page, product page, user account pages, cart page, order process pages, etc. Building a theme for an e-commerce site implies a much more complex and intertwined set of pages and templates. PrestaShop is a major release: a lot of code has been refactored, new features have been added, and a new way of building themes has been introduced. So, very early in the development release cycle, we decided to write more doc in order to support the designers and developers intending to switch to

General questions When is version 1. Since then, further updates have been released. Download the latest version now! What will be in PS 1. This version aims at simplifying the creation of a shop and product, and to facilitate the path to your first sale. It consists of four main projects: A better way to create and maintain a theme: A new default theme classy and efficient. A starter theme to help designers create a kick-ass theme in half the time it took with PrestaShop 1.

An improvement of key user journeys in the back office: A new onboarding for beginners. A simplified product-creation workflow. An easier way to find installed and non-installed modules. An improved administration interface menu structure, focused on getting the most common tasks done faster. A new technical architecture, based on the Symfony2 framework. The community has already ported hundreds of modules to 1. It will be maintained by PrestaShop until October , so that should give you enough time to work your way from version 1.

Is it be easy to upgrade from previous versions of PrestaShop to v1. You can upgrade, but be prepared to have to adapt or replace many of your addons theme, modules. Now for the longer answer. We rewrote the way themes are made, and theme designers will be delighted to find in the new Starter Theme a solid foundation for their own themes. With this foundation, new themes can be created in half the time it took to create a 1. Those which target the Product page — because the DOM of this page has changed.

Those which target the Modules page — again, because the DOM of this page has changed.

Prestashop 1.6 theme development essay

What this means for any upgrade is that in order for a PS 1. Rewrite the theme, ideally using the Starter Theme or the default theme. Test all the other modules — as you would for any new release. In any case, we advise you to make sure that your module does work in PrestaShop 1.

For new stores though, 1. The reworked UI and optimized menu structure will provide a better daily flow, The Product page has been rethought, The Modules page as well, The awesome default theme to get you started.

What are the benefits of 1.

Prestashop 1.6 theme development essay

For module developers, most new features are under the hood, and inaccessible for now. But if you are starting a PrestaShop project now, you should most definitely use 1. For theme developers, if you need to implement a specific design for a customer you will save a lot of time with 1.

What are system requirements for v1.

Laying the Theme's Foundations

For a more complete picture, check the Getting Started guide. Where is the development source code for PS 1. The bulk of the 1. Can anyone install the development version, available on GitHub? Webpack is another tool used for the development of v1.

This is only for the development version. All publicly-released development versions are packaged in such a way that any user is able to just upload and install the software, just like you did with previous versions. Why is it not named PrestaShop 2. First of all, we are not rewriting everything! Indeed, if we had, it would be called 2. Not everything is rewritten using Symfony, though! Only a couple of pages are the Product page and the Modules page , and they still work fine with pre Since this is a major version and not a full rewrite, we followed the path imposed by the versioning norm we adopted in June , which is adapted from the much-used SemVer specification.

Prestashop 1.6 theme development essay

New architecture Why is Symfony being introduced? The driving idea behind the 1. Using a proven and popular open-source framework will allow us to focus on our core business code managing a cart, handling orders, calculating prices and taxes, generating invoices, etc. Using Symfony will also reduce the learning curve for PHP developers that are not yet familiar with PrestaShop, helping grow our developer community even further.

Where will Symfony be introduced? The new architecture will only be used in the back office for now, and at first 1. The rest of the back office will still use the legacy architecture from 1. The two architectures will coexist while we switch more back office pages to the new architecture, in a transition phase that will take a few versions of PrestaShop. So, you can expect the forthcoming versions to follow the same path, converting more back office screens to Symfony.

Why Symfony 2 and not 3? Symfony started as the 2. We may target version 3 in a later version of PrestaShop. Theming changes Are the changes to the theme system going to break everything that existed in v1. To be honest, yes. We have specific plans related to the Starter Theme read below , and we do not want to sacrifice good software design in favor of backward compatibility.

We call Starter Theme our minimal PrestaShop 1.

Theme development fundamentals

But wait… no styling?! It is not to be used as-is, for sure, but it should be perfect for a designer: In depends on the context. Why are we imposing Bootstrap 4 for Addons? We are very aware that the PrestaShop ecosystem is used to relying on the Bootstrap framework for both its themes and modules, and we do not want to break this expectation with the release of PS 1. We want to make sure that users who buy themes or modules from the community can always rely on their compatibility: Themes and front office modules from the Addons marketplace should work well together out of the box, and therefore should use the same CSS framework.

This is why the PrestaShop Addons marketplace will only accept 1. The theme validator has been updated accordingly. Will the Starter Theme or the default theme use Bootstrap 4? The default theme, built upon the Starter Theme foundations, will make use of Bootstrap 4.

You might wonder why the Starter Theme is not simply using Bootstrap 4 by default. The Starter Theme is built for developer, agencies, and all those who build a PrestaShop store from scratch. They can choose the framework they want, and should not feel constrained by our choices. The audience of the Starter Theme is therefore much wider than that of Addons contributors. The default theme is built first and foremost for merchants, and must work within our existing community, which relies a lot on Bootstrap.

The PrestaShop Addons marketplace has heaps of Bootstrap-based modules because they were built to work well with the 1. Therefore, on Addons, Bootstrap 4 it is. Why is the 1. PrestaShop used to send many files to the browser, for every page: Then, each page had its own set of specific JavaScript files: Finally, modules added their own JS.

New developer documentation for PrestaShop 1.7

It was a useless mess: Then, modules are free to add their own files, after a single core JS file instead of What will be the impact of 1. Since the way themes are created has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, the 1. The Starter Theme and the default 1. Most of the work on the new default theme and the 1. It makes it a much better foundation than the 1. Oh, you heard about the 1. Check its reference documentation here: It currently only works in the new back office pages: Where is the 1.

The Designer documentation is constantly being improved upon. The techdoc site is online , and you can contribute!