Books are better than movies essay example

Books Are Better Than Movies Essay Example

Books are better than movies essay example

E-books enable authors to retain all rights for publishing and distribution, movie syndication, audio, etc. E-books are MUCH cheaper than paperbacks. $13 – 15 for paperbacks. $ for e-books. E- books don’t burn as easily as paper. Reading Fiction Books is more Enjoyable than Watching Movies Essay ; Watching a Movies at Home or in a Theater Essay ; Effects of Horror movies in the society Essay ; The Negative Influence of Horror movies Essay ; In life,, own satisfaction is better than success. But movies can also be better than a book. With a movie, you don’t have to read anything, you can watch a movie while doing homework if you wanted to. Traveling is more important than reading books to understand people and the world. A book about another country tells you about things such as the country’s history, its . Apr 01,  · 1. Books have more details than movies, so you can understand better the story 2. With books, you can imagine your own perfect world. You can use your imagination. With movies, you just have to sit there and watch without any imagination. Movies are the one-who-make-the-movie's Status: Resolved.

They come home very disappointed. Of-course sometimes there seemed to be a few exceptions, however most times we find people having a conflict with the movie directors, especially when it's about their favorite book being made into a movie.

Compare and Contrast: Movies vs. Books

What do you think the problems are? What makes people come home with disappointment clearly written on their face? Some argue that there are no problems. They say movies are much better than the books.

I believe books are much better than the movies, and here are the reasons why. The first thing you should know about the issue is, books are original and movies are copy-cats who aren't so skillful at their job.

What I mean by "not so skillful" is that they, the movie directors or the film makers don't do a great job at satisfying both the readers and the audience.

Movie VS Books Persuasive Essay

There are 3 big mistakes they make while doing a movie and they are casting decisions, missing materials and alterations. Firstly, casting decisions play an important role while making a movie. If the actors or actresses don't look like the characters described in the book, there will be critics. If their acting skills are poor, obviously there would be critics.

Also because it is hard to disregard their previous impressions from the other movies, if you, a movie director, gave a comedian a very serious role and did not succeed, for example, you would most certainly be criticized.

Second, the biggest disadvantage movies have would be the time limit. Ultimately, the audience in the theater will get bored, if the movie runs for more than 3 hours or so. However, books have none of those limits. Books do not have a time limit, and sometimes the longer the better, because it might mean it has a more interesting plot.

For example, you can look at Harry Potter. That's when problems occur. Because, usually books are much longer, movies made from books have a few missing pieces to make it shorter. Thus readers who wanted to watch their special favorite parts have no choice but to disappoint. In addition, if you the movie director, made even small changes to your movie, you might get lots of angry critics coming for you, if it doesn't succeed.

For example, the "Percy Jackson" series are one of my favorite books and when I heard it was going to be made into a movie, I was so excited I watched it after its very release. However, I was very disappointed after the movies, because it seemed they had changed the plot completely and well Actually the plot they made was awful. In my opinion, there was no point of making the movie because they didn't follow the original plot at all. Moreover, there is a technical problem between books and movies.

Books are better than movies - Argumentive essay?

While books improve your reading skills, movies can stress you out. When I was young, I was very interested in books probably because of my mum , and that made me plunge into the world of books. Did you know that watching a digital screen in the dark can cause eye strain and headaches?

These symptoms can be explained in a scientific term. There are no problems with anything when you put on the lights because your eyes adjust them normally like they do in real life.

Traveling is more important than reading books Essay

However, when you put off the lights, your eyes start to have problems with adjusting to the only light in the room because the levels of lights are constantly changing, thus it causes your eye muscles to move a little bit more than in normal circumstances.

That's how eye strain is caused. Also when lights hit the cones and rods in the retina in your eyes they are caused to fire in a certain way.

But when a bright light hits your eyes, they can't fire after a long time because they keep firing. When a bright light does hit you and they explode, it makes you look at a white line crossing them, so you can't focus very well.

Books are better than movies essay example

Therefore this causes a headache. According to the healthguidance. They said watching 3D movies can cause the same effects as well.

Books are better than movies essay example

So it appears that while books improve your reading skills, movies do not and not only that, they will cause eye strain and headaches. Which do you prefer, books or movies? Lastly, and most importantly movies kill creativity. There would be some who want to refute that. They might say that because the movie directors may ask a question to the audience at the end, just like authors do to the readers, and that makes it more creative.

Also, they could say visualization and putting that on images and such can help increase your understanding documentary, for example , so it compensates for the loss of killing the creativity part. However, because everybody is different, the movie version of the book cannot ever measure up to your own creativity. Think of your favorite book. How do you feel? Now think of its movie version and share it with your friend. Unless you are a mind reader, your visualization and your friend's one have to be different.

If it gets worse, you might even have a conflict.

Books are better than movies essay example

In conclusion, I believe that books are much better than the movies because it can stress you out by causing eye strain and headaches, and your visualization and the movie version cannot ever be the same.