Fiction story 500 words essay

Fiction Story 500 Words Essay

Fiction story 500 words essay

(“Fiction Story Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words”, n.d.) Fiction Story Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words. About Us: is a free blogging and writing community for high school students that allows teens the opportunity to share their personal stories and essays in an online life journal via their free Stage of Life account. Check out our national Teen Trend Reports, and make sure to explore the writing contests for high school students, inspirational videos for teens, statistics about. Postcard stories are short stories under words that relate to a chosen image. There's actually a contest for this, created by Geist literary magazine. It's called Annual Geist Literal Postcard Story . Aug 27,  · word essay or short story? i know its too much to ask for but if you guys have the time can you give me short story or essay ideas or better yet just a whole story, please i need this because i am someone who lacks in creativity and i have to make a word short story or essay to apply to a school any help would be much Resolved. In this science fiction story we have a man that looks just like Adolf Hitler. He materialized right when Hitler sensed his capture and decided to commit suicide. This Hitler look alike claims to have come from a place where Hitler was supposedly famous and was known for his great “contribution” to humanity. Fiction and Story Essay.

My stories are suitable for all ages, although some are geared toward a younger audience and some are more for adults. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. Each story has a maximum of words and is based on a daily prompt, which I've included in the introduction for each story.

My Flash Fiction Stories: 300 Words Max.

If you like writing, see what you can come up with, using the same prompts! Or visit Daily Flash Fiction Challenge for more prompts and contest entries. Write a story that includes the words motel, billboard, and map.

From my hotel room window, I see an oversized billboard with his face on it: Jason, the Great Magician. I absent-mindedly turn the pages of the phone book and come across a city map.

Not more than a half-hour walk. I glance at the clock. The show starts in one hour. The billboard looks even more impressive from outside. The Great Jason's eyes seem to be glancing through me. I shiver and walk faster.

Fiction story 500 words essay

I feel like a child about to open her birthday presents. The hall is dark when I come in; the show is about to begin. I make my way backstage just as the great magician puts on his top hat.

I settle down in the darkness, and the curtains open. Magically, that show remains the Great Jason's best performance to this day. Write a story that includes the words sunscreen, camera, and tourist.

He really did look like a tourist, with a camera around his neck and a bottle of sunscreen sticking out of his tote bag. The portly man sat on the terrace, sipping lemonade and pretending to look at a glossy cruise brochure.

His sunglasses masked his eyes, but I knew he wasn't looking at the brochure: As I brought him his clam chowder, he coughed up a "thank you" and looked at me briefly. I tried not to stare at the tiny scar across his left eyebrow. I walked back inside with my empty tray, shaking my head. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place him. Then it hit me.

500 word essay or short story?

The mysterious stranger who helped me out of my smashed car, just before it exploded. I rushed back to his table. I moved his saucer and found his tip, along with a card: I am deeply indebted to you.

The night of your car accident, I was on my way to rob a jewelry store. Saving your life brought things back in perspective. I now live an honest life, thanks to you. The night of my car accident, I was heading for an interview in a shady dance club. Seeing human kindness through his heroic gesture turned my life around and brought faith back into my life. I unfolded the tip he left. Among the singles was a grand with a pen mark underlining "In God We Trust. Write a story that includes the words thunderstorm, rainbow, and flower.

Fiction story 500 words essay

I stepped outside into a gorgeous summer day. The sun made everything look bright and cheerful. It would have been an ideal day for a picnic—if I still had a special someone to picnic with. Nobody would have suspected the thunderstorm going on inside my heart. Lightnings illuminated hidden emotions briefly, followed by a clasp of crushed hopes. Droplets of internal tears poured down, washing off what remained of my romantic dreams. I sat at the bus stop with a book, reading the same paragraph for the fifth time and trying to look indifferent to my internal weather patterns.

Sunglasses masked my puffy eyes and returned the reflection of a nearby flower. I will never love again. Love is just an illusion leading nowhere. I was so absorbed in my thoughts, I didn't notice the man taking a seat beside me. He's my favorite author.

His friendly smile warmed up my damp heart and blew away some of the storm clouds. We spent the next fifteen minutes talking about literature and its influence in today's culture. The bus came and went.

We pretended not to notice. I'm sorry about this morning. Write a story that includes the words county fair, lemonade, and prize.

Isabella loved the county fair, with all the flashy colors, the sounds of music and laughter, and the cotton candy smell. After trying a few rides and earning prizes at the ring toss, she noticed a small crowd near the ferris wheel. Isabella and her elder brother Michael made their way as close as possible and stretched their necks.

People were gasping and laughing, whispering and yelping. Murphy, the school principal, burst out of the crowd, dripping wet. He was laughing too, wringing his soaked baseball cap and putting his glasses back on. Now we need a new volunteer!

She secretly hoped it would be her second grade teacher. A raccoon had climbed in and stood on the chair.

Flash Fiction: Examples of How to Write a Story in 1,000 Words or Less

Before she could wonder any longer, she heard a big splash. A soaking wet raccoon dashed between her and Michael, holding Mr. Murphy's leftover candied apple in its mouth.

Write a story that contains the words vacation, sweltering, and sandal. Marilou took off her pink sandals and ran on the sweltering sand. She tiptoed into the water, giggling as a wave washed her legs. She looked back at the big red and white umbrella and waved at her mother, who was getting a much needed suntan. Her mother smiled and waved with two fingers, holding a peach in one hand and a bottle of ice cold lemonade in the other.

A big wave came and swept Marilou's feet, making her fall into the water. She tried to scream but swallowed a gulp of salty water instead. She didn't know which way was up and which was down. Her sweeping hand touched something with a tiny claw in the sand. She screamed bubbles and tried hard to swim. The wave receded, dumping the startled girl upon the soft, wet beach. Marilou coughed and rubbed her eyes, struggling to get back up.

Grains of sand in her blue swimsuit scratched her skin. She looked back toward her mother, who was standing up with a worried frown partly covered by sunglasses. Marilou ran back to the big umbrella, tiptoeing through the hot sand. She smelled of salt and seaweeds. She took her mother's big, warm hand with her cold, wet one. This is the bestest vacation ever! Write a story that includes the line, "Are you sure you weren't followed?

He opened it ceremoniously. Just as he laid the piece back in place, the ground shook, the room darkened, and a voice boomed from above: Write a story that includes a duck, a telephone pole, and a map.

Fiction story 500 words essay

Martha handed Jason a purple balloon. That's because she was the teacher's daughter, and her mother made her. The other two, John and Eric, weren't really his friends, although they often ganged up with him against other kids to get their lunch money.

Fiction Story Writing - Essay Example

Jason knew he wouldn't have long to live. He could feel it, deep inside. Seeing his grandmother cry after talking with the doctor confirmed it.