Essay on manmohan singh in english

Essay On Manmohan Singh In English

Essay on manmohan singh in english

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Revival of agriculture is a key issue which no political party has adequately addressed till now. Since Punjab is known as the granary and the bread basket of India, its looming crisis in agriculture is not just a concern for the state, but the entire nation.

According to studies, water levels have dropped by 10 metres since and the rate of decline is intensifying.

Essay on manmohan singh in english

Creating employment opportunities and tapping the human capital are also two other challenges that the state must deal with in order to check the rising menace of drug addiction among the youth.

The state legislature was bicameral, comprising the Vidhan Sabha lower house and Vidhan Parishad upper house. In, the state was reorganised and renamed Punjab.

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The strength of the Vidhan Parishad of the newly formed state was enhanced from 40 seats to 46 and then 51 in Punjab was trifurcated in to form Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and the present-day Punjab. The Vidhan Parishad was reduced to 40 seats and the Vidhan Sabha was expanded to seats.

Essay on manmohan singh in english

The Vidhan Parishad was abolished on 1 January Therefore, Punjab has a unicameral legislature now. The Punjab legislative assembly, or the Vidhan Sabha, has members today.

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These members are elected directly from single-member constituencies of the state. A term of the Legislative Assembly lasts five years unless dissolved earlier. The current governor of Punjab is Kaptan Singh Solanki. The Assembly meets at Vidhan Bhavan in Chandigarh.

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State Legislative Assembly of Punjab Punjab has a unicameral legislature with seats, with a term of five years. It is headed by the Chief Minister. The current speaker of the house is Charanjit Sigh Atwal. The Legislative Assembly was first summoned in and post independence of India, the state had a bicameral legislature until a unicameral legislature was established in Punjab Assembly Election Results: