Working longer hours essay writer

Working Longer Hours Essay Writer

Working longer hours essay writer

Working longer hours essay. December 6, by mondiale 1ere es beherrschungsvertrag beispiel essay changes in my hometown essay biological and psychological positivism essay writer dissertation bibliography or references bermuda triangle research papers live in harmony with nature essay ralph college admission essay requirements for. Working longer hours essay. in Non class The day i was born essay animal farm marxism essay college admissions essay requirements david sedaris christmas elf essay writer civils mains essay collection importance of national identity essay the dangers of a single story essay. Working longer hours essay. 25/11/ by. Working longer hours essay. 5 stars based on 71 reviews other essays paperback writer gf rejected my proposal essay scientific research paper search lung cancer from smoking essay hook cheap essay writer uk weather. Aug 05,  · If at times, the essay writing work can be VERY exhausting, if managed well, there is no other job better than being an academic writer. The most advantageous thing working as an essay writer comes in the form of flexibility of time and the monetary return is also great. Additionally, long working hours allow people to have better live, I mean a quality or level of life. In other words, working hard, people have an opportunity to buy something they dreamed about, maybe dreamed throughout their life like a big house at the seaside.

For more experienced writers with a lot of expertise in their subject area, the reverse is true. Condensing a complex idea into two pages can be much more of a headache than it can be writing ten pages. Why is writing longer papers so hard for student writers?

How does someone get past that fear of the longer paper? Even as a graduate student, I hated writing longer papers. Now, most of my blog posts are way too long even after I go through and cut out what I feel is unessential. Part of the trouble I had with writing longer essays is that I was raised on the five-paragraph essay, which has a very limited length.

Working longer hours essay writer

Having to leave that essay behind to write a longer paper created anxiety and fears that I was somehow doing something wrong. And that anxiety made writing a miserable experience. Only when I started to read through better essays and take them apart, did I see how the longer essay is written.

The best essays change our mind. The best longer essays change our minds multiple times over the course of the essay.

Long Working Hours Essay

A great longer essay is going to present a new understanding of one big topic, but that understanding comes from a thorough analysis of many of the relevant smaller threads of that topic.

The way these essays generate so many threads is by thinking critically about all that comes before them.

Working longer hours essay writer

They make observations about the world around them, they try to explain those observations given what they already know, and then they adopt an attitude of skepticism. The inspire a search for other relevant contextual information, which in turn creates a more complex understanding that gives a writer an ability to describe the topic in a way that the reader might not have seen before.

Because of this need for expertise, much of the writing process of a longer paper starts with thinking about the topic in context.

Working longer hours essay writer

The hard work of coming up with an argument comes not from finding some explanation of a puzzle. Relatively simple answers are easily available and accessible. Those students need to realize that the true hard work of writing should come from brainstorming a set of questions that forces us to think more deeply about the topic. Sometimes we need to read around a lot in a topic to acquire enough expertise in a subject to find a counterintuitive fact that demands more explanation.

The way that I demonstrate this concept to students is to present them with a picture of a hamburger. Reportedly, Davies bought the hamburger and left it exposed to the air to see if it would decompose. She then photographed the Happy Meal once a day for six months and posted the results in an art exhibit called The Happy Meal Project, which you can see at the link above.

The hamburger on day looks fairly similar to what it looked like on Day 1 of her experiment. That photo is counterintuitive.

Working longer hours essay

Food should not look the same after days as it does on day 1. There is absolutely no nutrition here. Both experts reached conclusions they wanted to reach and presented their findings. When Davies posted her project, the story was posted and reposted on blogs and websites across the web.

The fact that very few of these sites thought to ask what was really going shows one of the reasons why thinking critically is so hard for writers to learn: However, this lack of critical thinking makes writing a longer essay extremely difficult. In fact, this point of the process is where many students start panicking.

Working longer hours essay writer

They think about the surface level understanding of their topic, develop a thesis, and commit to it before doing any further research or critical thinking.

But being fair opens up another thread to explore: However, if you are writing a longer paper, contradictions are wonderful, amazing things. They tell us that the way we have understood things is simplified or just plain wrong as we see in the post I wrote about a wonderful XKCD comic.

How do we find more depth? In this case, one might consider what conditions are needed for a cooked Happy Meal hamburger to decompose. Would it grow mold?

In a blog post on the food website Serious Eats, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt took a skeptical approach to the Happy Meal Project, and the result is a marvelous display of critical thinking. Lopez-Alt observes the burger from the Happy Meal Project, and unlike the rest of the experts, he asks if we really understand what is happening to the hamburger in the pictures.

He thinks about what could confirm the conventional understanding, and to do that, he thinks about what else he knows about the processes involved in decomposition.

Working longer hours essay

It pulls in a lot of expert sources and quotes, but never bothers to consider how those sources fit together or contradict each other. Writing longer papers can be just as exciting. The other benefit of researching and thinking in this way is that writing the paper becomes a lot easier.