Chapter 4 the outsiders essay questions

Chapter 4 The Outsiders Essay Questions

Chapter 4 the outsiders essay questions

The Outsiders – Chapters Response Questions _____ Chapter One Questions: 1. Describe each of the characters and their relationship with one another. 2. Who are the socs? Who are the greasers? 3. How do Ponyboy's relationships with Darry and Sodapop differ? Explain. 4. Describe a pivotal moment in the internet home for outsiders reflection discussion questions 1. Hinton s. Jan 24, literature essays, characters, treaties, and bar in population, people have questions what does it the era and analysis of the english language. Chapter 4 Action Plot And Summary The Socs try to jump Pony and Johnny, and when they attack Bob sticks Pony into the fountain because Pony fights back, and Johnny gets away from the Socs attacking him, and so Pony wouldn’t drown he stabs and kills Bob. Chapter 4 contains one of the novel's primary climaxes, the decisive turning point to which many of the preceding chapters' foreshadowing alludes. When he kills Bob, Johnny loses the look of a wild animal caught in a trap and instead he "looked as cool as Darry ever had.". Essays and Criticism The Outsiders Chapter 4 Summary S. E. Hinton. Homework Help. Chapter 4 Summary print Print; document PDF. The Outsiders Homework Help Questions.

Chapter 6 Action Summary and Characters Involved — The boys Johnny, Dally, and Pony save the kids from the burning church — Pony, Dally and Johnny get burned — They head over to the hospital Chapter 6 important things to remember — Pony is burned the least, then Dally the next most burned, then Johnny is burned the most. Dally agrees that it is. Thinking back on the story, do you believe the trouble they are all in is because of her? What does Johnny announce that he and Pony are going to do?

Why does he think it is best?

Chapter 4 the outsiders essay questions

What does Dally tell Johnny when he asks about his parents? How does Johnny react? How is his reaction different from how Dally would react? What is happening at the church when they return? Describe what they do about it. The church is on fire. They save the kids that are caught in the church. What happens to Ponyboy and Johnny because of their actions? Why does Dally club Pony across the back? Where are they headed when Pony wakes up? Where are Johnny and Dallas? They are in the other car.

Johnny has the worst burn and then Dally is the next worst burn wise and Ponyboy was barely burned. How do Soda and Darry react when they see Ponyboy?

Describe the change that has taken place in the relationship between Ponyboy and Darry.

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Please, no, I thought. What does Two-Bit have to say about the wording the reporter chose? How do you think some people come to feel entitlement? How do they react? Infer what you think he was worried about. How does she describe him?

The Outsiders

But when he got drunk…it was that part of him that beat up Johnny. Do you believe that if someone has been drinking, it is an excuse, or is it a reason, for inappropriate behavior? Try to use examples in your answer.

They dress nice Pony thinks the only good reason to fight is…?

Chapter 4 the outsiders essay questions

Do you believe they have any choice in the matter? In your opinion, is that a true assumption? It is a skin fight, which means no weapons Who actually steps up to start the rumble? Who is his opponent and how does it happen that he is able to take the first swing? What is ironic about these two boys fighting against each other?

What determines the winner? The greasers win, and the Socs run first Where do the boys go as soon as the rumble ends? How do they manage to get let off by the police?

What do you think he meant? Because Johnny is the pet, and Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. When Dally phones, what is his message? That he robbed a grocery store, and the police were after him According to Ponyboy, Johnny died gallant. What does he mean? What is different about the death of Dally? Johnny was better than most people. Dally died right after robbing a grocery store. Why do you think Ponyboy becomes so sick?

What are his symptoms? What was the outcome of their conversation? Ponyboy keeps saying that he killed Bob and that Johnny is dead to protect him from the police and people that may want to harm him.

Why is he acquitted?

He is acquitted because the Judge does not want to further question him. What opportunity does his teacher give him to make up for him problems in school?

His teacher gives him the opportunity to write an essay. Why does Soda bolt out the door? He bolted out the door because hid brothers were fighting. What do we find out about the real reason that Sandy left for Florida Her grandma does not want her to hang out with Soda because he is a bad influence on her.

After Pony and Darry go find Soda, the three of them talk. What is the result of their conversation?

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They all make up and forgive Soda for running away. What was in the note from Johnny that Ponyboy found when it fell out of his book? Ponyboy decides to write his theme about his latest experiences, his side of the story. What is significant about the last sentence of the novel? The last sentence of the novel is the first sentence of The Outsiders, which shows that Ponyboy wrote this book, and it was about his experiences.