Definitions of terrorism essay in pakistan

Definitions Of Terrorism Essay In Pakistan

Definitions of terrorism essay in pakistan

Essay on Definition of Terrorism. The term terrorism has become especially actual and meaningful in our society because of the terrorist acts which occur in different corners of the planet nowadays. So, its definition must be understandable and precise and clearly identify the kind of crime which falls under this definition for the appropriate reaction and punishment. Related: Essay on Corruption Free Pakistan Dream Or Reality. There are many direct and indirect events in terrorism linked to the Essay On Terrorism In Pakistan. It assures that how every event including Event of 9/11 and the first step of Soviet-Afghan War are some facets of Essay On War Against Terrorism. Dec 05,  · Essay on effects of terrorism in pakistan Home › Forums › SEO Forum › Essay on effects of terrorism in pakistan This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by haihate 2 days, 1 hour ago. The recent clash of institution further fuelled the fire. Pakistan should play efficacious role in countering terrorism. Sound policies are required. Since independence, Pakistan has been facing several downfalls. These downfalls created a gap inside and outside the infrastructure of Pakistan. Terrorism . ECONOMIC COST OF TERRORISM: A CASE STUDY OF PAKISTAN Arshad Ali * The world is currently confronting terrorism in different manifestations. After the 9/11 terrorist events, the phenomenon of terrorism has abruptly changed the socioeconomic and geopolitical situation of the world.

Efforts to Vacate By Conclusion God has created this beautiful world with immense love and kindness. With Enormous affection Allah Almighty has given birth to his lovable creatures.

He has given multiple colors to this world. He has formed Rivers, Oceans, Mountains, Stars and several other creations for the pleasure of mankind. He has given millions of shades to this mortal world.

All are made for the gratification of human beings. Unfortunately, Human beings did not understand the motives of the creation of this world. Destruction and turmoil have become the fashion of the day.

Definitions of terrorism essay in pakistan

Terrorism is the gravest foam of destruction and disaster. It damages the internal as well as external infrastructure of every country. Insecurity and mental pressure have created a sense of self deprivation among masses. At present, Pakistan has been facing the gigantic problem of terrorism. It has become the fashion of the day. It is regarded as headache for federation and a nightmare for public. It has colossal roots which spread inside the internal as well as external boundaries of Pakistan.

Although it is global issue yet Pakistan has to bear the brunt of it. We are facing war like situation in Pakistan. This daunting situation is caused due to several factors.

These factors included the followings which are summarized as below: Political instability, social injustice, inequality, self deprivation, religious intolerance, external hands and international conspiracies.

The term terrorism has been used millions of times around the whole globe. It is pertinent to know about the meaning of this soul trembling word. Terrorism is a use of force to create harassment. It is also used to create an environment of fear and violence. Basically there is no Specific definition of the term terrorism. International law has no definition to define or elaborate this term. Use of Authority for personal gains is also indicating towards terrorism.

A handful of people who have their vicious interests to fulfill have not only taken the lives of millions of innocent lives but also defamed the pious image of Islam. On account of these attacks Pakistan is suffering from huge loss ranging from civilian to economics.

People have become numerical figure blowing up in every minute. Terrorists have not left any place vacant. They spread around the whole country. Markets, shrines, mosques, hotels, gardens and educational institutes all are now under the thumb of just one click of terrorists. They are responsible for the innocent lives of people.

They hold special place in hell. Islam is the pious religion around the whole orb. It always gives the message of peace , prosperity , kindness, justice, equality and love. Islam forbids all kinds of corrupt activities. Massacre of innocent lives are highly reprehensible in Islam.

Committing cruel activities are forbidden in pious religion Islam. Islam openly negated terrorism. Religion of Islam Advocates freedom, peace, mutual disagreement and admonishes aggression.

In Islam an immense emphasizes has been laid upon love and sympathy towards all creatures. God has directed to be polite in speaking. Thus Islam is the perfect religion of the world; it condemned all stances of terrorism.

How can a terrorist wish for heaven? They are directly assigning their place in hell. Terrorism is a crime. The causes of terrorism is divided into spheres; internal causes and external causes. Internal causes further divided into socio -economic causes, political causes and religious causes. First of all, socio economic challenges this aggravated the already deteriorating conditions. It includes injustice, inequality, poverty, unemployment, Inflation, food insecurity, threat, dissatisfaction, illiteracy, over abundant population and massive corruption.

It is very important to know these causes. Injustice has been spreading since Independence. After the emergence of Pakistan, as a sovereign nation in the world map, it has encircled with several issues related to injustice. Lower class people are always suffering. No proper system of justice is present. Millions of people came from Indo Pakistan Subcontinent to fulfill their shattered dreams but all hopes were shattered by feudal class.

Essay on effects of terrorism in pakistan

This mighty class deprived people to obtain their due share. This class joined hand together with chief officers and usurped the rights of uneducated innocent people, who even did not know the hard realities of life.

Second issue which Pakistan has been facing as a threat is massive unemployment. The ratio of unemployment is increasing day by day. It created a big gap between developed nation and developing nation. Employment is now become the need of an hour. Without money you cannot survive in this materialistic world. Terrorism spreads like a giant because of unemployment; innocent people are trapped by terrorists.

They give all amenities and facilities in shape of monetary foam. They pay heavy amount to them and in returns fulfill their selfish motives. They ruined the young generation. Proper channel of employment should be introduced.

Terrorism in Pakistan

This disease should be removed. It is biggest challenge which is the root of all evils. Third cause of terrorism is illiteracy, which should be removed instantly. In Pakistan illiterate person can easily be cheated by sharp minded terrorist. They only want to gain their motives. They are burning in the own flame of revenge. They can destroy the lives of people. Illiteracy rate should only be decreased by promoting the importance of education. Campaign should be introduced.

Definitions of terrorism essay in pakistan

Government should introduce new ways to spread education in downtrodden areas. This evil is eating the roots of Pakistan.

Fourth problem of Pakistan is poverty. Poverty is a term which has been derived from the Latin word pauper means poor.

Definitions of terrorism essay in pakistan

Poverty refers to a condition having less or fewer resources than others. According to various institutional reports I t has been identified that poverty is the main reason of terrorism.

According to undp, Another report of Spdc has revealed clearly the poverty status of Pakistan, EU countries pushed millions of people in debt trap. Poverty should be controlled with efficacious measures. Government should launch new and effective opportunities to curb the menace of poverty. Mismanagement of resources is one of the major challenges which Pakistan has been facing.

God has provided bundles of natural resources. These natural resources are now on the verge of destruction. Terrorism is devastating the natural beauty and this natural beauty is a channel of obtaining food. Government should pay high attention to this side. These natural blessings of God Should are managed properly. Lack of accountability is another factor of terrorism. Accountability is very necessary.