Queens mba application essays free

Queens Mba Application Essays Free

Queens mba application essays free

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The only reason I even gave TESU a chance was because of the affiliation it had with my nursing school.

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The staff here was very rude and not helpful. First semester was 15 weeks which looking back was ridiculous when there are better programs such as Grand Canyon or Wilmington U that offers courses that are much more centered around the adult student based in week blocks. For the first semester I was able to get through and obtain two A's in both my courses.

Queens mba application essays free

Therefore it is not that I am looking for the easy way out or that I am not accustomed to working for my grade. Being a new nurse I felt overwhelmed taking two courses with this workload. When I reached the correct department I was told no outside calls can be transferred to the nursing advisement department and I would need to make an appointment.

I asked it there was anything else I could do because as stated by the bursar office I had already exceeded the time to withdraw with any refund.

Queens mba application essays free

I stated that my concern wasn't the cost I want to keep my GPA up and not fail my courses, I simply just needed advise. They did allow me to speak to an advisor not my assigned advisor and I was ok with that and her response was, "well you either withdraw or you don't.

They said you need to speak to the bursar office to make sure what money you will owe. I repeated I understand that I will need to pay out of pocket as my financial aid will not cover the costs it will be around Have students had issues taking these two courses together? Do I have the option to take one course at a time?

No one in advisement could help and I felt lost as to what I could do.

For he sake of this context I will leave out her rude attitude, condescending remarks and just stick to the actions that happened. I called asking what are my options as far as withdrawing from a course and she said if withdraw then you will owe the I stated that I understand that and inquired what else could I do as far as going forward.

She stated that I would need to speak to the advisor about that. I stated ok and asked what is the process of how to withdraw for a course.

Queens mba application essays free

I then followed the instructions and withdrew from the course. As now I'm thinking ok now I can speak to an advisor and try to get this whole thing straightened out and figure out how to proceed. No, I was so wrong. I was cut off from everything immediately. As of that day it was in the system that I had a "past due" balance of I emailed my advisor directly at this point trying to bypass the phone system and she stated that she had never heard of such a thing.

About 30 mins later she emailed me back and stated that [name removed] had put a hold on my account and that all access is cut off until my balance is paid. Once again I didn't have a problem paying the balance per say but it was the way they went about everything.

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I called and spoke to the manager in the bursar office and stated how nasty [name removed] was being and asked why students are not informed that if they withdraw from a course they are cut off from the university? His response was its not my job or her job to inform you of that my suggestion to you would be to pay the bill then you can get your questions answered.

I understand that universities are out here just to take your money but if a student is actively seeking help, then help. Don't turn them away and then state that you have an "outstanding" bill that just generated the same day.

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Not to mention the semester was not even 3 weeks in although I had no problem complying to pay I still was informed that I had the option to pay until the next semester and that obviously wasn't true either. Lastly I asked if I could set up a payment plan and [name removed] stated, "you can pay what ever you want but you won't have access to anything until your balance is paid.

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