Do angels exist essay contest

Do Angels Exist Essay Contest

Do angels exist essay contest

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By David Sorensen Do angels exist? Watch testimonies of people whose lives were saved by angels. Watch these amazing documentaries and decide for yourself. Only recently it has become possible to easily document these experiences, thanks to media and the internet. The question is of course, whether these experiences are real or not. You will also learn what the Bible says about angels and how God wants us to deal with angels.

The Bible even speaks about armies of angels, and different types of angels, like warrior angels, healing angels, guarding angels, messenger angels, angels of death or life, and so on. The most important question is: In our quest for the truth about angels, the following fact is important to consider: CBN is a worldwide respected television news company.

Do angels exist essay contest

Ask Bruce van Natta! Several arteries were severed and most of his intestines were shattered. The pain Bruce experienced was too horrific for words and he only had a few minutes left to live. He was dying… Then Bruce cried out to God: He saw his crushed body lying on the floor and a colleague sitting next to him. Two angels were keeping his body alive! Later on the doctors in the hospitals told him that there was no person in medical history who had survived after severing five arteries and having so many intestines crushed.

It is simply not possible. Bruce should have bled to death. Share this angel story with your friends!

The story of Lisa and Anthony. Two cars crash at full speed in a head on collision on Highway Six in Texas.

Do angels exist essay writer

The cars overturned several times and thrashed each other. Lisa Bowdoin was in the car that was upside down. Cheri and Cody Clemmons witnessed the drama and rushed in to help. Cody immediately noticed it was impossible to remove Lisa from the car since the car was crushed and there was no opening for her to fit through. Lisa saw a bright light shining into the car and also saw the two luminous hands. Shortly after that she found herself safely on the grass next to the car.

Cheri, who was standing next to the car, also saw the bright lights and the white hands. In the other burning car Anthony Russo was still retained. Therese Surely, an older woman who also witnessed the accident, cried out to God: Anthony was unconscious for most of the time.

Do angels exist essay contest

He is convinced God has send him an angel to rescue him. These five people got acquainted in a tragic accident where there cry for help was heard by Jesus Christ. They all were eyewitnesses of the presence of the angels, sent by God, which saved the lives of Lisa and Anthony.

Watch the video documentary on this miracle. Just before he would hit the rope, he suddenly noticed that the sky above him illuminated and it seemed like time stood still. He perceived a large amount of impressive looking angels. At that same moment he heard a voice telling him: The result was horrific. The skin of his entire arm was ripped open and his throat was halfway cut open.

However, he did survive this accident. On regular basis people receive miraculous healing when he prays for them. Watch his testimony in the following documentary. Share this with your friends! Then sign up for free: Those angels were sent by God. There are many different kind of angels all with different tasks.

There are angels who comfort and give strength, there are angels who bring messages from God to people. There are angels who cause death and destruction as a judgement of God over his enemies and there are angels who provide enormous miracles.

Angels bring messages from God to people or give direction where needed. I will briefly mention some examples from the Bible. Warrior Angels In the Bible the angels of God are usually mighty warriors with fiery swords who possess extraordinary power. Angels can be so strong that they can destroy complete armies in one instant. Following are bible verses about these kind of warrior angels: In many cases they radiate a bright light which is characteristic for God.

He is light without a trace of darkness, says the Bible. For instance, Jesus Christ received strength from an angel when he was sorely tried in the garden of Gethsemane just before he was to die on the cross. The Bible gives dozens of examples thereof. The most know are possibly the appearances of angels round the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men saw the angels.

Angels also gave instructions to people many times and encouraged people to be brave and to do what God was asking them to do.

In the Bible there are many occasions where angels have a conversation with people.

Do angels exist essay contest

The Bible shows us that a part of the angels who were serving God became rebellious and chose evil. Christians who sincerely serve Jesus Christ often battle with the demonic powers who will do anything and everything on earth to prevent or distort the true gospel. Fallen angels handle vicious tactics to lure mankind away from God and into deception.

Some artists are being inspired by them to paint wonderful pictures of those kind of angels. They like to show their beauty off, not to bring people to worship God, but for people to follow them.

I In the shops you can find many cards, posters and book with these wonderful pictures of angels. The magnificent pictures of these deceiving angels are meant to seduce people to open themselves for the deceiving spirits.

Do angels exist?

The apostle Paul warned the Christians explicitly for deceiving angels who bring a message that deviates from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately most of them are books that are written under the inspiration of deceiving angels who want to divert people from the one true God.

These angels present themselves e. The rebellious nature that man has in his heart towards his Creator is confirmed with these claims. Man will stay independent from God and spirituality is just a way to elevate yourself spiritually instead of humbly bowing before God. The way to the truth is portrayed mystically and people will become self-centred instead of learning to surrender to Jesus Christ.

However, the beautiful words and spiritual sounding reasoning offer very little grip. If you go into it you will fall into a magical fog that looks very attractive but will eventually make you lose your way. Deceiving angels deny Jesus Christ Deceiving angels will never point to Jesus Christ as the saviour who comes to save us from our sins.

The core of the gospel is that God sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth to redeem man from his debt. It is this debt that causes the hindrance between man and God. Jesus Christ came to take the punishment for our mistakes upon himself. He did that to die on a cross as an innocent human being.

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By accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and turning away from the sin in our heart, the wall between man and God is removed and we will be a child of God.

Deceiving angels will never say that Jesus Christ is the Son of God that takes away the sin of man. That is why man is separated from God. Since that is God. They want god to receive all the honour. That is why appearances of angels are usually very brief and sporadic while people can have extensive experiences and encounters with God Himself.

He is our Father and Friend, our Joy and Redeemer. God is your guide, not some angel God wants to be your Father, help you and answer all your questions. He is your real Guide who is truly dependable. God is always ready for you! What else can you wish for? In New Age and several other occult circles angels are too much in the centre of attention instead of God.

That is proof that they are demons posing as angels of the light. There is no angel who is the source of life, source of light, source of redemption or anything. True angels are serving messengers who want to direct people to the one true God. They are warriors fighting along to save people from the capture of sin and death.