Whitsun weddings larkin analysis essay

Whitsun Weddings Larkin Analysis Essay

Whitsun weddings larkin analysis essay

The Larkin reader can go to these places and experience for himself what inspired the poet. Some seven years ago I was intrigued by ‘An Arundel Tomb. ‘ I had, alongside the poem, the Longman Critical Essays in which John Saunders takes a look at beauty and truth in three poems from The Whitsun Weddings. Philip Larkin's Faith Healing In , Philip Larkin published his third book of poetry, entitled 'The Whitsun Weddings'. One of the many critically acclaimed poems was 'Faith Healing'. In this essay, I intend to explore how typical this poem is in terms of subject, theme, structure and versification. Essays for The Whitsun Weddings. The Whitsun Weddings literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Philip Larkin's poems. Presence of Failure and Disappointment in The Whitsun Weddings; Explore the presentation of music in On the Road and The Whitsun Weddings. Whitsun weddings larkin analysis essay. Contact Us. About us. Studyisles was established with the primary aim of recruiting and placing students in top universities in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and many other leading universities in Europe. Therefore, Larkin’s portrayal of women in ‘The Whitsun Weddings’ is complex and nuanced. On one hand, Larkin is often dismissive, even derisive at times, of women, characterising them as insignificant and inferior to men.

It is written in first person as Larkin recounts an event using his superb observational skills.

Whitsun weddings larkin analysis essay

At different stations different newly weds board the train dressed in wedding attire. They are waved off by well wishers. He seems to itemise these sights to make them seem ridiculous and pitiable. The wedding participants are described crudely whereas the passing urban landscape is admired. For the next stanza the narrator looks outside as if the action is mirroring the movements of his own head. This puts things in real time.

Poetry Essay: The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin

Landscape flows through this poem like a river. Larkin saves his lyricism, not for the newly weds but for the land itself. Larkin offsets this view of landscape with the couples, fresh from their dramatic day. They too conteplate the lives and the places they are soon to inhabit. This leit motif manipulates our view of the marriages. He seems to think that this day is the sum total of the glory of marriage, by imposing his own world view on what has been missed out.

“The Whitsun Weddings” Analysis Essay

This is backed by the regrets he invokes against marriage: The poem climaxes with a powerful enigmatic image: The rain belongs to London and the hints at the bland reality of day to day life. The blood and thunder of love dissapates into banality in his view.

Larkin says about this poem: So a lot of people got on the train to London for their honeymoons as not many people had cars.

Whitsun weddings larkin analysis essay

There were 6 stations between Hull and London and there was a sense of gathering emotional momentum. Everytime you stopped fresh emotion climbed aboard. There is a real paradox between the reality presented by the landscape and the ideals represented by the couples and the final image.

The Whitsun Weddings

Larkin longs for the abstracts of romance and perfect love, but he sees around him the oncoming city splurge which counters the romanticism of the train environment he is experiencing. Larkin retains a formal discipline throughout the poem.

Whitsun weddings larkin analysis essay

Iambic pentameter and a tight rhyme scheme echo the rhythm of the slow train. Larking uses indirect speech relfecting the conversing couples: One thinks of Keats here.

The language overflows with vowel sounds, assonance: This creates aural imagery. This forces us to look for signs of redemption beneath his overt cynicism. Hope for the future?

‘The Whitsun Weddings’ by Philip Larkin Essay Sample

There are clues that Larkin has some hope for the future of the married couples. Outside of provincial England, where they have all journeyed from, there are signs of wealth and prosperity for those who seek it in the capital. This is more commonly known as Pentecost and believed to be a special day to marry.